Chelation 2 (100 Vegan Capsules)

Chelation 2 (100 Vegan Capsules)

CHELATION 2 is made with the ingredients to detox the mucus membranes in the body. It removes toxins, acids and mucus while providing mineral nourishment during the cleansing process.

Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Prodigiosa, Pao Pereira & Rhubarb. Made JUNE 2019 and will expire one year after opening. Please keep the lid airtight and away from children and natural sun light. 100 (00 vegan) capsules .

Direction: take 4-5 capsules daily. Do not take during pregnancy or and during menstruation; do not take more than 1 week in a row. It should not be used to treat constipation resulting from excessive tension of the colon wall. Use it for your seasonal detox namely end of each season (Autumn, Fall, Winter & Spring) Benefits: Cascara Sagrada is used to treat constipation and encourage the return of regular bowel movements and can be taken on a short term basis only as long term can result in dependency. If chronic constipation is a problem, then diet changes must take place rather than relying on laxatives. Understand that these products are intended as food supplements only, not to heal any kind of illness.

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