100% unfiltered, unrefined raw honey with the comb.  Once you taste this honey made by our own bees free of added sugars, processing etc. you will never go back.  Not only is it yummy, but it is jammed packed with natural medicinal properties.

Sugar is often fed to the bees due to their inability to gather nectar from their natural habitat. This produces a lower quality honey and makes most honey on the market place no better then white sugar.  We have our own bees and allow them to naturally gather from the wildflowers the things they need to produce natural, high quality honey.  Since we harvest honey from our own bees we are able to control the quality of honey our bees produce.

You can eat the comb or use it to make beeswax.  We believe that you will enjoy our honey and we hope to gather feedback from you regarding the quality of our product.

100% unfiltered, unrefined raw honey with comb

Eat by itself or add to toast, greek yogourt, or your favorite snack.

Apply as needed.


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